About me

I have a Master of Science in Engineering (in Sweden this is a professional degree called Civilingenjör) from Lund University. I studied engineering physics with a specialization towards accelerator physics and experimental nuclear physics. I have a great interest for particle accelerators and I am currently a PhD student at the MAX IV Laboratory in Lund. The world of physics is wonderful and fascinating, and I wish everyone should have the opportunity to discover it.

I love when people work together towards a common goal and I am therefore active in several NGOs. Especially, I am active in the temperance movement, and I have a large interest for equal treatment and diversity.

The main purpose of this webpage is to show how life can be as a physicist. During my studies I felt a lack of female role models in physics and this I want to change by sharing my experiences. Still, since this is my webpage, I will for sure also write about other subjects that interest me.

Hope you will enjoy it!



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